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OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Watt


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OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Watt

OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Watt

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  • Power Output: 65 Watts (10V at 6.5A)
  • Compatibility: Primarily designed for OnePlus smartphones with Warp Charge 65 support, but also supports various USB-C devices with lower charging speeds

Benefits of OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Watt:

  • Rapid charging: It can rapidly charge compatible OnePlus smartphones. For example, it can reportedly charge a phone up to 65% in about 20 minutes 
  • Safety: OnePlus Warp Charge 65 incorporates safety features to prevent overheating and damage to the phone's battery 
  • Universal compatibility: While designed for OnePlus devices, it can also be used with other USB-C devices for slower charging speeds

Here's a table summarizing the key points:


Power Output65 Watts (10V at 6.5A)
CompatibilityPrimarily OnePlus phones with Warp Charge 65 support, also USB-C devices (slower charging)
BenefitsRapid charging, safety features, some universal compatibility

Things to Consider:

  • Limited compatibility: While it offers some universal compatibility, it works best with OnePlus devices designed for Warp Charge 65 technology.
  • Not available in all regions: The availability of the Warp Charge 65 adapter may vary depending on the region.

Overall, the OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Watt is a powerful and safe fast charging solution, especially for compatible OnePlus smartphones.

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