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Amoled Lcd OnePlus Open


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Amoled Lcd OnePlus Open

Amoled Lcd OnePlus Open

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Amoled Lcd screen for OnePlus open, Original.

The OnePlus Open doesn't utilize an LCD display even though it's not explicitly advertised as an AMOLED display. It uses a newer technology, a LTPO2 Fluid AMOLED display. Here's a comparison of LCD and AMOLED displays:

  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

    • Uses a backlight to illuminate the pixels.
    • Blacks appear grayish because the backlight can't be completely turned off for individual pixels.
    • Lower contrast ratio compared to AMOLED.
    • Generally thicker and heavier.
  • AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode):

    • Each pixel generates its own light and color.
    • Can completely turn off pixels, resulting in perfect blacks and a wider color gamut.
    • Higher contrast ratio for sharper, more vivid images.
    • Thinner and lighter.

Here are the display specifications of the OnePlus Open:

  • Display size: 7.82 inches (diagonally measured)
  • Display type: LTPO2 Fluid AMOLED
  • Resolution: 2268 x 2440 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz

Benefits of LTPO2 Fluid AMOLED over LCD:

  • Deeper blacks and richer colors for a more vibrant and realistic viewing experience.
  • Higher contrast ratio for sharper images.
  • Thinner and lighter weight.
  • Potentially improved battery life due to the LTPO technology that allows the display to adjust its refresh rate depending on the content.

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